In the ‘Having It All’ Debate, Should Women ‘Give It All?’

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For some reason, we can’t seem to help ourselves when it some to the conversation about whether women can “have it all.”  Oddly, many women rail against the never-ending discussion about whether we can have it all, should we do it all, and which way we should be leaning when we’re trying to find it “all,” yet find themselves living lives where they are doing the very things they think other women should steer away from.

PunditMom Joanne Bamberger, also founder of the online commentary magazine The Broad Side, says that while her thoughts are many on this particular important issue, it occurs to her that maybe we ought to be coming at this from an entirely different angle — maybe it’s time to look at our propensity as women to be givers, and how that plays into our internal conflicts about optingleaning and life in general. Watch as Bamberger explains why we as a society have to take a different approach when talking about the issue of women and work: 

WATCH: Anne-Marie Slaughter on Why Women Still Can’t Have It All 

“There are so many women who are working who don’t’ have a choice about whether they’re going to go to work every day or whether they want to stay home and raise ether children without bringing in an income. They don’t have a choice about whether they can ‘have it all.’ They have to go to work every day, they have to bring that paycheck home. And so, I wish we could focus on policies our elected officials could pass that would help women – and families, men and women – to be able to spend more time at home with their families and be able to make a living.”

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And should women expect to “give it all” in the first place? Bamberger says there’s always the assumption women must provide everything for their families – making the dinner, doing the laundry, running the carpools, etc… How about giving kids some more responsibility?

“Maybe if we focused on not giving it all and expecting more from our family members, perhaps that will help lessen the ‘have it all’ conversation,” Bamberger added.

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