Wonderbag: Two Wins in “Won”

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If you haven’t heard of Wonderbag yet–it’s definitely time you check it out. The concept for the product fully aligns with the mission of the business… “a recipe for change.” In 2008, genConnect expert Sarah Collins started Wonderbag. It’s a revolutionary slow-cooker that requires no electricity. You heat the pan on the stove… then put the pan in the bag. Hours later, your food is done.

The product is great in many ways… it’s not only eco-friendly, but it comes with a strong mission that Sarah is passionate about.

WATCH as Sarah Collins explains Wonderbag and the global difference buying one can have…


When you buy one bag, you’ll be donating another to a family in Africa. Two wins in “won.” “This bag will give mothers more time to be more entrepreneurial… and more importantly, it gets girls back into school.” Talking about the hardships in Africa is important, but Sarah takes it a step further.

WATCH as Sarah Collins spends a day in the life of an African woman…


While Sarah is a new genConnect expert, she has clearly been an expert for a while. Sarah was named by Fortune as one of the top women entrepreneurs, and her devotion to the cause has brought international attention to the organization.

Connect with Sarah @SarahCollinsNB and follow Wonderbag @thewonderbag.

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About Sarah Collins: Sarah Collins - a South African adventurer, entrepreneur and lifelong social activist - has worked tirelessly over the past two decades to initiate change in the realms of gender-equality and environmental sustainability. Her career has [...]
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