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How does one possibly go from planning a small blogging conference to managing a business with 100,000,000+ customers? BlogHer co-founder, CEO and genConnect expert Lisa Stone joins us at #BlogHer14 to share her story. “Many women have taken the opportunity and run with it. We wanted to create an opportunity for all of us.”

WATCH as Lisa Stone shares the growth of BlogHer over the past 10 years…


Moving into the social-powered internet these days… monetizing isn’t always easy. “The idea of putting all your content on one destination website is over.”

WATCH as Lisa Stone gives her views on how to monetize your business in the modern, technology-driven world…


Blogging comes with certain responsibilities. It’s important to find ways to filter how you advertise and what advertisements you allow on your website.

WATCH as Lisa Stone shares how BlogHer has defined their responsibilities as bloggers…


WATCH: The Evolution of BlogHer

If you haven’t attended a BlogHer conference, attend the next one by registering today! Visit the BlogHer website here.

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About Lisa Stone: As BlogHer’s CEO, Lisa Stone works across the entire organization to advocate for bloggers, partners, products, and events that fulfill our vision. Lisa is a leading expert on developing successful online communities and interactive programming [...]
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