Why Maria Bartiromo Loves the Columbus Day Parade (VIDEO)

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Watch Maria Bartiromo reflect why the Columbus Day parade is incredibly important to her. “I’m very proud of my Italian American heritage,” says Bartiromo, who hosts again this year’s 67th Columbus Day Parade in New York City. “I love the people and I love the proud work ethic of the Italian American community.” Watch the video below for more on Maria Bartiromo’s Italian roots, first job, and dad’s positive influence:


I love my job because I get to speak to the leading thinkers around the world and it really is a privilege to be able to cover business, the economy, the markets in such a way that I’m able to speak with true insiders– heads of state, heads of companies– and it’s a real education. The Columbus Day parade and Columbus weekend is incredibly important to me because I’m very proud of my Italian American heritage.

My grandfather came to this country in 1919 on a ship from Naples called the Rex and he sailed to America. There, he did what he did in Italy, which was a bricklayer, a construction worker. He built a restaurant and he named it the Rex Manor, after the ship that he came to the country on and that was my first job. I was the coat check girl at the Rex Manor. I’m so proud of the work ethic that I learned from my family that I will do anything that the Italian American community asks me to do because I just feel it’s a way for me to give back. So the Columbus Day parade, and hosting that parade, is a complete departure from anything I do in my regular day job, which is business and the economy, but I love it. I love the people and I love the proud work ethic of the Italian American community.

Join me on genconnect.com.The 2011 Columbus Day parade starts Monday, Oct. 10, 11:30 a.m., on Fifth Avenue and 47th Street and runs to 72nd Street.

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Editor’s note: Our video with Maria Bartiromo was filmed at the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival, where the world’s brightest minds come together for a week-long discussion and exchange of ideas to solve the world’s problems.Click here for all our 2010 AIF coverage. Click here for our 2011 AIF coverage.

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