Wellness Versus Fitness (VIDEO)

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Is it better to be well or fit? Is there a difference? genConnect turned to Fred DeVito, founder of Exhale Spa to explain. Wellness is achieved when you have mental, physical, social and emotional health – with a focus not just on fitness but stress management, balance and contentment. While you can be well without being fit – your lack of physical activity will eventually haunt you. Watch:

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What’s the difference between wellness and fitness? Fitness will fit into wellness; wellness does not necessarily become a part of fitness. Fitness is a very physical thing, wellness is holistic. Wellness is all encompassing. So, when your working on your wellness your working on your mental, your physical, your social, and emotional health and your trying to make a balance of all those components by focusing not just on the fitness, but on how to reduce stress, create balance, and find a sense of contentment and happiness. That’s when your wellness is being enhanced by whatever activities that you’re choosing to do. You can be well without being fit for a period of time. Eventually it will come around to haunt you because fitness, if you lack that in your life, will eventually affect the other areas of wellness including your mental, social, and emotional health. So the fitness component you can go in and out of being in varying degrees of fitness, but to focus on it to make it part of your life, will contribute to your overall wellness.

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About Fred DeVito: Fred DeVito is a founder of Exhale Spa, an urban spa oasis merging mind and body, and co-creator of the Core Fusion class at exhale. Fred began teaching fitness in 1978, as a physical education [...]
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