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The best of both worlds: affordable and philanthropic vintage eyewear

Vintage eyewear designer Warby Parker is proof that companies can provide great service and give back. This company is setting a new standard for business in the eyewear industry by donating a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair they sell. Learn more with co-founder Neil Blumenthal:

Warby Parker is changing the way people buy glasses.

Visiting a vision center, trying on hundreds of frames and shelling out big bucks for glasses can be overwhelming. This vintage-inspired eyewear company has streamlined the process and moved it online so browsing and purchasing is less of a hassle. The site uses facial recognition technology so shoppers can upload a photo and virtually try on all 27 limited styles. The price tag? Just $95.


The company started as collaboration between four friends who met at the The Wharton School in Philadelphia. Founders Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, Jeffrey Raider and David Gilboa were frustrated with their previous optical experiences and conceived Warby Parker as an alternative to the overpriced and boring eyewear they saw elsewhere. (Click here to find out how they came up with their company name!)

“We found when we walked into an optical shop, we were often overwhelmed by the amount of choice,” Neil Blumenthal told genConnect’s Kelly Hayes. “There was often seven hundred to one thousand different frame options and those glasses are behind a glass display or against a wall and it just wasn’t fun. Frames are a part of your personality and it should be a fun shopping experience. Likewise, what would happen is that we’d walk out having found this great pair of glasses but having paid five hundred dollars for them. It didn’t feel right. Glasses shouldn’t cost as much as an iPhone.

But online shopping isn’t even the best part. Warby Parker is committed to doing good and giving back. When you buy a pair of glasses, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need. With approximately one billion people who don’t have access to affordable glasses, Warby Parker works with experienced non-profit partners to ensure that each sale decreases that number one at a time.

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“We’re in a world right now where the problems are bigger than ever, they’re more complex than ever,” Blumenthal said. “We need companies and brands to be active problem solvers. What we saw in the world were hundreds of millions of people that didn’t have access to glasses and that didn’t make sense to us. Glasses were invented seven hundred years ago. Everybody in the world should have access to them. So that’s why we wanted to, for every pair that we sell, make sure somebody had the glasses they need to see, to learn and to work.”

Click here to buy a pair and give a pair

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