Want to Land a New Job? Channel Your Inner Bahamian

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When you arrive in Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, you’re greeted by a pirate in the airport, along with a reggae band. Yes, a reggae band. So, when it comes to their slogan that reads, “It’s better in the Bahamas,” life should be this good, right? I couldn’t help but wonder how we can all channel this relaxed state of mind to our careers as well.

Here are four tips to channel your inner Bahamian:

1.  Relax. Have you ever worked yourself into a severe state of an anxiety for a recruiter to call you back and schedule an interview, only to discover they not only didn’t call you back right away, it took them three weeks to reach you? Or maybe you’re gunning for a promotion at work, doing everything in your power to make it happen? And then you realize, certain things such as budgets and big decisions are ultimately out of your hands anyway? One word of advice: Breathe.

2.  Don’t look for it. It’s an interesting thing about island hopping through the Exuma Islands, an archipelago of 365 islands in The Bahamas. With crystal green-blue water that’s so vibrant it rivals that of Capri, endless shells, and a euphoric state of mind, there’s something to be said about not looking for opportunities. Starfish were everywhere but it wasn’t until you stopped looking for one did it wash ashore to your feet as if you beckoned it to come hither. That’s just it: as soon as you put all of your coals in the fire and take a step back for effortless manifestation, you’d be amazed what new things arrive at your doorstep. Literally.

3.  Ignore distractions. Ship Channel Cay is a private island (so private they own the claim of having their own residential pig. For real!) where live shark demonstrations are the norm. Here’s the thing when watching sharks pursue their fellow fish prey. They see it, they keep their eye on the prize and in one fell swoop: Chomp! So, as you hone in on your goals become that fearless shark. Ignore the other fish, block out the audience, society, whatever, but no matter what you do, don’t let your mind and body stray from your ultimate goal.

4.  Enjoy the process. This one may be harder to grasp if you’ve been looking for a job and have come so close and yet so far, but if you somehow knew and kept the faith that you would have a new, fulfilling and well-compensated job within a few months or weeks, you’d relax a little, right? There’s something to be said about taking a deep breath, allowing yourself to enjoy the view, palm trees and all.

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