Vivek Murthy Addresses HMS & HSDM Graduates

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Every year, HMS (Harvard Medical School) and HSDM (Harved School of Dental Medicine) invite a substantial speaker to speak to their graduating classes. Earlier this year, genConnect expert Dr. Vivek Murthy addressed the 196 Harvard students in the audience to stand up for their own vision and their own values. “[Finding your vision] requires never ever settling for someone else’s path,” he said. “The humanity of our patients lies at the core of everything we do as doctors.” “It is bigger and more important than everything else.”

WATCH as Dr. Murthy addresses the HMS & HSDM classes of 2014 on how to stay inspired in their professions…


Murthy’s recent nomination as Surgeon General has been opposed by congressional conservatives and the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has expressed concerns about the nominee’s “ability to objectively examine issues pertinent to America’s 100 million gun owners and the likelihood he would use the office of the Surgeon General to further his pre-existing campaign against gun ownership.

“We’re capable of far more than we can imagine, especially when we are fighting for a vision and for values that we deeply believe in,” Murthy said. “We, all of us, can no longer remain within the exam rooms and ignore what is happening in our communities… We must have a presence in both places.”

For 20 years, Dr. Murthy has devoted himself to improving public health through the lens of service, research, education, and clinical care. As a public health leader, he created VISIONS, an HIV/AIDS education programs with hundreds of volunteers that reached over 45,000 youth in India and the United States. To learn more about his practice and his mission, visit his website, like him on Facebook or folow him on Twitter.

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About Vivek Murthy: Vivek Murthy is the U.S. Surgeon General. In his role, Vivek is responsible for communicating the best available scientific information to the public regarding ways to improve personal and public health. The son of immigrants [...]
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