How to Choose Wine When Dining Out (VIDEO)

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If ordering from a fine restaurant’s thick tome of a wine list feels more like a painful ordeal than a pleasure, it’s time to take a different approach. Decline the wine list and opt for a conversation with the restaurant’s wine expert instead, says master sommelier Paul Roberts. “Their job is to make you look really good and find the best experience,” Roberts says. Watch Paul Roberts describe more great tips for choosing wine at a restaurant:
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Roberts, COO of Colgin Cellars and former estate director of BOND Estates, encourages wine drinkers to build knowledge over time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

“Learn a few key wine regions that really resonate with you and you can always focus in on that, whether it’s Napa Cabernet, it’s Brunello di Montalcino from Italy,  it’s Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir,” he says. “Try to keep it tight and learn a little bit about a few things every time you go out to dine.”

Paul Roberts

Roberts says the Napa Valley, in the midst of an artisanal wine renaissance, is no longer about big brand names selling multiregional blends. “Now you have a lot of these small, handcrafted wines that are about a little parcel of land that are telling a story,” he says.

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About Paul Roberts: Beginning production in 1997, the BOND Estates project was founded by Bill Harlan, Robert Levy and Mary Maher with the intent to identify and produce wine from small separate plots to deliver terroir-specific characteristics individual [...]
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