Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams Leaves Full-Time Job for New Ventures

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Despite the rising popularity and proliferation of Twitter, Co-Founder Evan Williams is stepping down from his fulltime job at the company to move on to his next big “thing.” Williams left his position as CEO six months ago and since then, he said, “my mind started to wander.”

He previously worked at Blogger, where he helped nurture and grow the Web service, even after it was taken over by Google.

“The reason I left Blogger/Google when I did is that I felt it had reached a place where it was on solid ground and in capable hands,” Williams wrote on his blog. “Though still an independent company, I realized Twitter may be at a similar point today. So, as was reported in various places yesterday, I’ve decided to scale back my role at the company. (I’m still involved, but it’s no longer my full-time job.)”

Williams said he’s not ready to talk about what he will work on next, but, he added, “I will venture a prediction about what’s next for Twitter: It will be bigger and better.”

In interviews with genConnect, Williams talked about the “roller coaster” ride of launching Twitter.

“It’s kind of a cliche, but somebody said once like, ‘wow Twitter must be like a roller coaster ride.’ They often say that of start ups. I said, ‘yes it is’ because sometimes it’s fun and sometimes you want to throw up. So, yeah. The answer is yes. Sometimes we are up and down. It’s certainly been a ride of some sort the last couple of years that would have been hard to imagine when in the beginning. It does feel like it’s still getting started so, who knows what’s around the corner.”

In his blog talking about his departure from Twitter, Williams noted that “even the naysayers have begrudgingly accepted it’s not disappearing anytime soon,” and he believes that Twitter will continue to grow, since “the momentum is just incredibly strong, critical mass has been reached, and the dark days of imminent technical meltdown are over.”

Meanwhile, Jack Dorsey, who came up with the idea for Twitter, is returning to the company as chief product manager; he was replaced in 2008 as CEO by Williams. He will, however, continuehis job as CEO of Square, a mobile payment company that helps retailers charge for goods using smartphones and tablet computers.

Dorsey said Tuesday he wants try to cut into Facebook’s dominance in advertising among social media companies, and wants to make Twitter easier to use for the average person and focus more on using the micro-blogging service to get information.

The best part about Twitter is that it allows you to, for example, follow “what’s happening in Egypt right now. That’s the value, not the brand ‘Twitter.’ So we need to refocus on that value,” he said, according to The Wall Street Journal.

So if you’re not a Twitterer yet, get ready to start banging out those Tweets! And good luck to Evan Williams in his new endeavors – his contributions to this wildly popular service have been invaluable!

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