Travelteerism: Combining Luxury Travel and Volunteering

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Guatemala-1Luxury travel and volunteering are two worlds that have never overlapped before. After all, luxury travel doesn’t always come with an altruistic factor.

Enter Travelteerism, where high-end experiences get more than a feel-good makeover.  No, Travelteerism offers its clients new perspectives on the country they’re visiting by working with local people on community projects. And for the NGOs that Travelteerism partners with? Unique opportunities for them to tap into the tourism market and also create relationships with people who otherwise they may never have ha the chance to meet.

Screen-Shot-2014-12-08-at-3.10.07-PMTravelteerism’s goal is to provide a deeper experience beyond the bubble of boutique hotels, beaches, and the safari trail – but still incorporates these elements, which makes it the best of both worlds.The company idea sprung from ardent traveller, fundraiser and NGO employee Casey Miller, who wanted to bring together his two life’s passions, which also apply to many other travellers too.

Currently, Travelteerism runs highly custom and very tailored tours to Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, India, and Eastern and Southern Africa, where they work with a variety of non-profit organizations that take travelers to indigenous villages to help out in schools, impoverished areas, or to contribute to local environmental efforts.

To learn more about this new trend in travel, visit the Travelteerism website.

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About Casey Miller: Since graduating Harvard with a Masters in Theology and Public Administration, Casey has spent 10+ years as a fundraiser for purpose-driven organizations. For many years, Casey lived in Mexico where in helped found a clean-energy [...]
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