Hit the Family Vacation Jackpot With These 12 Nevada Wild West Attractions

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Virginia & Truckee Railroad Company

The Silver State offers so much more than desert and casinos. Dig a little deeper and discover the riches of the other Nevada for your family’s next getaway.

This blog is part of a series that is posted in its entirety on the Barclaycard Travel Community site, in partnership with genConnect. Dig a little deeper into Nevada travel and explore 10 more Wild West attractions here.

“Wanted: Young skinny, wiry fellows not over eighteen. Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred.”

In 1860, this ad appeared for one of the most dangerous jobs in American history, the Pony Express trail rider. Today, Highway 50 (The Loneliest Road in America) roughly parallels the route of the Pony Express trail. That headline above is what intrigued me to take this trip.

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Many people fly or drive to Las Vegas when they want a quick weekend getaway; most people think Nevada is strictly desert and casinos. But I was determined to prove them wrong as I explored The Silver State as it prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary on Oct. 31, 2014.

If you “dig a little deeper,” you will find that the state is really all about the metal. On this trip, my kids and I discovered the distinct correlation between silver, gold, coins, minerals, trains, stagecoaches, casino tokens, typewriters, printing presses, ski lifts, and even the birthplace of San Francisco rock-and-roll. What started out as a forced family road trip evolved into a journey of exciting new discoveries and adventures we could all cross off our bucket list.

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Here are 12 stops we made – and you should, too – as we explored Nevada beyond the glitz and debauchery of Las Vegas:

The Ridge Tahoe1. The Ridge Tahoe (www.ridgetahoeresort.com) – Some rooms at this hotel overlook the Valley 7,500 feet below; the view is awe-inspiring. It was amazing how accessible the area was; one could literally go from the top to the base of the mountain within 15 minutes via car. The resort is conveniently located at the base of the family-friendly Heavenly Ski Resort, where they have ski storage and you can walk to the ski lifts. The name also explains the amazing views! There were endless activities, including tennis courts, racquetball, video arcade, miniature golf, free movies, ping pong, and a huge indoor/outdoor pool.

msdixie12. MS Dixie II (www.zephyrcove.com) Take this cruise with “Mark Twain” as he narrates the experience. We were mesmerized by the pristine crystal blue water of Lake Tahoe. The deepest point is more than 1,600 feet. If drained, it would take 300 years to fill up.

This blog is part of a series that is posted in its entirety on the Barclaycard Travel Community site, in partnership with genConnect. Dig a little deeper into Nevada travel and explore 10 more Wild West attractions here.

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