Top 6 Job Seeker Faux Pas

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Vicki Salemi

Don’t be that gal. As recruiters scour through an abundance of resumes of qualified job seekers for 2011, all a candidate needs is to make the smallest of snafus and bam! Rejected.

Here are some pointers to stay off the red flag list with your prospective employers.

1. Not following protocol.

Some candidates try to expedite the process and circumvent the hiring manager but that will only become a blatant red flag in terms of being a loose cannon. Don’t be that guy/gal. Follow protocol.

2. Typos on a resume.

This one is a no brainer but you’d be surprised by how many people submit resumes and cover letters with typographical and grammatical errors. One word: PROOFREAD.

3. Being rude to the receptionist.

During an interview your entire behavior is analyzed, including how you treat people from the moment you step in the door (and before that, actually in terms of phone etiquette and e-mail correspondence). If you’re not nice to someone, trust me, it’ll get back to the decision makers. BE NICE.

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4. Shorthand!

When corresponding with the recruiter or even sending thank you notes, use proper English. “Great 2 meet U,” does not make a positive impression. USE PROPER ENGLISH. Capeesh?

5. Questioning the process or venting to the recruiter.

For instance, if you pursue an editorial job you’ll need to take an edit test. Instead of venting to the company or insisting your skills are sharp, resist the urge to comment and happily take the test instead. ACCEPT THE INTERVIEW PROCESS and COMPLY.

6. TMI.

Less is more. Silence is your friend whether it’s during a phone or in-person interview. Don’t feel like you need to explain every detail of your life. For instance, if there’s a gap on your resume, focus on how you’ve kept your skills sharp instead of talking circuitously about your extra-curricular activities. BE SUCCINCT, LESS is OFTEN MORE.

Now, we’re not saying if you follow all of these rules you’ll automatically get the job but the alternative is this: If you continue to make these blatant blunders, your official title may unfortunately become professional job seeker instead of a professional.

Thanks HealthyStyleNY. The editors there liked Vicki’s advice, too, and are running this piece too.

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