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Congratulation on being part of the fast-growing online community designed to super charge you and all of your health goals. As an expert and pioneer in the cutting-edge “100 is the New 50!” movement, I want to do all that I can to help you be the best you— forever!

Toward that end, please take a peek at my current Top 5 Tips for Forever Health. Note: I reserve the right to change my top five tips at any time, for any good reason. Life is about change, so I will be ever vigilant to keep you on the fast track to a super healthy, energetic, sexy and love-filled life!

1. Listen to Your Body

Your body is always communicating with you: pay attention to the little, seemingly insignificant signals as well as the obvious, in-your-face messages. Gradual weight gain, lack of energy, aches and pains, and sleep disruption may be your body’s way of getting your attention. Don’t ignore the inner and outer whispers. Did you know that some cancers could grow for over fifteen years before symptoms appear?


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2. Stay Informed

Don’t rely on medical authorities, experts or old wives’ tales. Make it part of your job to read up on, dig into and discover new trends, scientific findings and cutting-edge alternative options for your health. The more you know, the better. If you count on your doctor to know everything that is new and efficacious, you are not being accountable enough for your own body. Spend less time on less worthy activities and become a your own Body Genius.

3. Eat Smart

Well, yeah, duh. We all know that we need to eat right (click here for healthy recipes from Women’s Health). You don’t need me to tell you that. But “right” varies depending on your diet. So let’s look at some empirical parameters that do NOT change from diet to diet:

  • As my good buddy David Kekich tells us in his upcoming book “Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100″, “A good diet lowers risk of death from all causes.”
  • Please do all that you can to avoid the chemicals that come from your food and affect your internal organs. Genetic mutations are responsible for an estimated 6,000 diseases, including all cancers. Overcooking creates carcinogens and mutates your genes. Bake or stew at moderate temperatures or go raw when you can.
  • Go organic as much as possible. Avoid processed foods. Bad diets can do more damage to your body than smoking. See: The Best Foods For Your Heart.
  • I’m a big fan of the Paleolithic diet and will be offering a Principles of Paleo booklet on my FITCAMP website soon. ( It will be in collaboration with top researchers in the field. Stay tuned! For now, The Immortality Edge is a great resource and has a special Paleo option section in the nutrition chapter.

4. Exercise Like A Genius

I’ve been extolling the virtues of high-intensity interval training combined with proper weightlifting and stretching/yoga for at least 15 years and I’m not going to stop now. Phil Campbell ( is the Godfather of high intensity intervals and has been at my FITCAMPS for nearly 15 years teaching campers how to do this right. The Immortality Edge has a complete program outlined as well.

Do interval workouts, lift weights and stretch. It takes less time than you think and will add life to your years and years of life, as the old saying goes.

Poll: Do You Stretch?

5. Do the Inside Work

Mind/body. Meditation. Prayer. Spirituality. Whatever you call it, do it. Make sure that the inner you is getting enough nurturing to keep things on track. Who cares what the outside looks like if the inner person is out-of-whack? Staying healthy for a long time demands that you address the inner as well as the outer.

Buy a meditation CD or take a class. Go online and check out spiritual podcasts. Go with your buddy to a prayer center and give it a try. Whatever floats your inner boat, get on board and do it!

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