Deborah Jackson: Tips for Today’s Female Business Owner

[ 0 ] February 16, 2016 |

Deborah Jackson, Founder and CEO of Plum Alley speaks to the female small business owner and explains how to get your idea off the ground in today’s marketplace.


Jackson explains how Plum Alley allows the new business owner to test market products through pre-orders.

Jackson discusses the different stages of raising capital for your business by starting small by asking friends and family and then gradually moving into asking venture capitalists.


Understanding the struggles that women have getting funding from men for products that only women will use was the reason Jackson started Plum Alley. She realized that getting men to understand the value in products or business geared toward women was hindering females from bringing their products to market.



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About Deborah Jackson: After graduating from Columbia Business School and joining Goldman Sachs, Deborah spent 21 years on Wall Street before founding Plum Alley, an e-commerce and crowdfunding site for women's innovation. Also a Founder of the Women [...]
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