The Fencing Move That Made Olympian Tim Morehouse Famous

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Olympic Silver Medalist Tim Morehouse, author of American Fencer: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Sport, shrugs off the jokes about his “unique” fencing move, dubbed the “dog peeing on a fire hydrant.” “It gave me a little more reach to hit people,” he says. “I would kind of block them out at the same time. It definitely looked awkward. Sometimes I would lose my balance and fall over.” But he realized the move was “working for me.” “I got brave enough to realize that and to go for it,” he says.

Watch Tim Morehouse demonstrate the four basic moves of fencing, plus the unorthodox move that made him famous:

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Tim Morehouse

Tim Morehouse

Morehouse demonstrates how the four basic moves of fencing — en garde (on guard), advance, retreat and lunge — can provide a “really great workout for your legs.” “In fencing, we’re squatting all the time,” he says.

The lunge move, for example, is “similar to a lunge that you would do in a gym, but a little bit different,” Morehouse says: “Your front leg is going to kick out and land and you’re going to go toward your target. But your back leg, unlike a lunge you might do in a gym, is actually going to push, so you’re propelling forward toward your target. Pushing with your back leg and reaching with your front leg — that’s a lunge.”

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About Tim Morehouse: Tim Morehouse, a New York City native (born July 29, 1978), is an Olympic silver medalist in fencing ('08 Beijing Games), two-time individual U.S. National Champion ('10 and '11), 7-time world cup medalist and #1-ranked [...]
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