2.5 Minutes With Tim and Jesse Draper

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From March 11 through 15, genConnect.com is on-site in downtown Austin, Texas conducting personal interviews with speakers slated to appear at the innovative South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin’s Convention Center.

We are at the event as credentialed press, hosting “2.5 Minutes With genConnect” in the Chevy Volt ReCharge Lounge during the conference.

On Tuesday, March 15,  we ran into Tim Draper, Founder and a Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and his daughter, Jesse Draper, Co-Producer and Host of Valley Girl. Catch the must-see video below of Tim and Jesse rocking out while giving us a live performance of “The Risk Master,” dedicated to “all the entrepreneurs out there.”

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JESSE DRAPER: So, Mr. Draper. What were you doing late last night, because I think you were up past your bedtime.

TIM DRAPER: I was absolutely up past my bedtime. I had a presentation I had to make to a bunch of entrepreneurs, and it started at midnight. And it went on until about 1:30 in the morning. I couldn’t believe they kept asking me questions. But fortunately, we ended it at 1:30 and I got a little bit of sleep.

JESSE DRAPER: Was there any singing involved with that presentation?

TIM DRAPER: Actually, interesting that you might ask. We sang a little bit of “The Riskmaster.” We sang the first verse. I only sing one verse after midnight.

JESSE DRAPER: Should we sing that song? I think I know that song.

TIM DRAPER: Absolutely. Should we just do the chorus?


TIM DRAPER: Ready? This is to you, entrepreneurs out there.

TIM DRAPER: JESSE DRAPER: [SINGING] He is the riskmaster. Lives fast, and drives faster. Skates on the edge of disaster. He is the riskmaster.

JESSE DRAPER: And a little. Nice. High five.

KELLY HAYES: The Drapers rocking out here in Austin Music City. Thanks a lot, Jesse. Thanks a lot, Tim.

TIM DRAPER: Great. Thanks for having us.

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