Tiffany Shlain’s Collaborative Model Boosts Nonprofits (VIDEOS)

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Production company Moxie Institute’s 2011 release of the crowdsourced short film, “A Declaration of Interdependence,” was just one step to realizing Director Tiffany Shlain’s vision for the global unity movie, part of the “Let It Ripple” series.

“So many nonprofits are doing important work, but they don’t have inspiring media, they don’t have the money to do it,” Shlain says. “I went to a wonderful visionary funder and I said ‘fund this one movie and a lot of outreach and I’m going to make hundreds of versions of this movie for people.’” Watch Shlain discuss Moxie Institute’s giving-back business model:

In the spirit of collaboration with nonprofits, filmmakers will replace their “call to action” at the end of Let It Ripple films with an organization’s “call to action,” its logo, and its Web site address to use for any event or campaign to help make the world a better place.

“If you work for any nonprofit that’s looking for an inspiring film for your event, for your fundraising campaign, to inspire your base, we will make a customized version of that film for free for you,” says Shlain, who also directed “Connected,” which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

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It is part of Shlain’s “Cloudfilmmaking Manifesto”:

1. To use the cloud to collaboratively create films with people from all over the world.

2. To create films about ideas that speak to the most universal qualities of human life, focusing on what connects us, rather than what divides us.

3. To give back as much as is received, by offering free customized films to organizations around the world to further their message.

4. To use the cloud to translate films into as many languages as possible.

5. To push the boundaries of both filmmaking and distribution by combining the newest collaborative tools available online with the potential of all the people in the world.

Other short films in the Let It Ripple series are “Engage” and “Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks.” Upcoming movies will explore money, power, wisdom, death and happiness, Shlain says.

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“We’re going to hit on all the things that connect us as humans,” Shlain says.” I am a curious person and I love collaborating.”

Tiffany Shlain’s “Brain Power,” a TED e-Book, and corresponding 10-minute film are now available for purchase for the Kindle and Nook, as well as through the iBookstore. Or, download the TED Books app for your iPad or iPhone, and get a subscription with a new TED Book every two weeks. The “Brain Power” film uses a participatory filmmaking process called “Cloud Filmmaking.” The book expands on the ideas in the film by sharing deeper research, videos, graphics and links that explore the increasingly intertwined worlds of advanced neuroscience research and cutting-edge technology.

Watch the “Brain Power” short film below: 

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