Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack: Our Food Security Depends on Rural America

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Rural America is the key to America’s secure and diverse food supply, says U.S. Department of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack.

Rural America is the source of much of the food and water for this country – as well as the source of domestic energy, and a large proportion of our nation’s military personnel. “There are many benefits that rural America provides. We have a safe, affordable, accessible and diverse food supple, in large part because of what happens in rural America. Americans enjoy an extraordinary diversity of food and the affordability of food provides them flexibility with paychecks and with income that other people in other countries amply don’t have.”

WATCH as Vilsack talks more about how we all benefit from rural America, and how his own personal experience of being born into an orphanage and being adopted by a mother with her own struggles, helped shape his views and approach to food insecurity today:

Urban areas also understand beginning to understand the opportunities for forestry and farming in urban locations. Many cities are converting brownfields into raised beds, creating community gardens, schools are embracing the notion of raising their own food as a nutritional benefit – and an educational one.


WATCH: The Atlantic’s Corby Kummer – Make Slow Food Affordable

The Obama administration is committed to educating America’s families about the benefits of healthy food and making healthy food more accessible – notjust to help combat this country’s obesity problem, but to make people aware that there is a plethora of good food out there for them, Vilsack said. The secretary has toured d the globe and sadly, far too many kids admit they come to school because they are able to eat there. Feeding programs not only give kids nutritious meals, but also offers them an education.

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