The Making of ‘Hot Flash Havoc’ by Producer Heidi Houston

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More than three years ago, I started a personal journey that took me to countless doctors, clinics and spiritual healers; anything to find answers to my symptoms that I did not know was the precursor to menopause. I spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of time going from doctor to doctor, went on and off various medications. I took herbs – natural and others. My symptoms only progressed. The information I received varied from source to source; always contradicting each other. I was at the end of my rope and did not know what to do.

What I learned is that I was not alone. Millions of women suffer through menopause without adequate knowledge. I was fortunate enough to ultimately find a doctor who understood what I was going through and created a treatment plan that stopped my suffering. This doctor changed my life in 72 hours and made me feel like the woman I knew I was. Five days later I returned home and my youngest son said to me, “Mom … I don’t know where you have been but I am glad you’re back.” …. That reduced me to tears … This doctor changed my life, and I decided I would change other lives as well.

So began my creation of “Hot Flash Havoc,” the first feature-length documentary about a topic that has been taboo for far too long – menopause. “Hot Flash Havoc” is a woman’s guide to all things menopause – what it is, how it works, what your treatment options are, and how to maintain a quality of life while going through it. The film is entertaining, engaging, educational and most of all funny. We interviewed dozens of the nation’s top experts as well as everyday women.  We received real-life touching examples about hot flashes, sexual dysfunction, depression, osteoporoses and heart disease. We received dozens of suggested topics women wanted us to cover from bio-identical hormones, to chemotherapy and hysterectomy links to menopause. While you think you know the answer – through our research we learned that 99 percent of women do not.

Now, I have produced a film, the movie I promised, “Hot Flash Havoc.” So, why I am talking to you???? I need your help to share this insightful film with millions of women. Hollywood has told us that this was not an important enough subject to make women go to movie theaters and buy a ticket to see it. Well, I overcame menopause, raised money and produced a film about a taboo subject and I’ll be damned if some men in suits are going to stop me from getting this film seen by women. Here’s where you come in …

This film will not only serve the women’s organizations that participate, but will present important and necessary information. We have also provided a mechanism where the film can also be used as a fundraising tool with 75 cents per DVD sale going to a supporting cause.

I believe we need you. Every woman represents a potential partnership to get the word out to other women. There isn’t anything more powerful than women’s networks. We are natural circle creator – from sewing circles to carpools, to PTA meetings, to politics. We need you. We want to create partnerships with you! We want to show the movie business that chic flicks ARE important and they can make money! Help us. Help you and your girlfriends!

If you or someone you know is a part of a women’s organization, there are several different opportunities and platforms to make money with us.
1.    Become a revenue-sharing partner in our DVD sales by sending out information about “Hot Flash Havoc,” a film of menopausal proportions to your networks, through newsletters, email blasts, Twitter, or Facebook and of course your website. Share news about the film at your meetings. We will give your organization a code to use when someone signs up to buy a DVD.
2.    Be one of the women’s organization’s that hosts a premier or event in one of our 50 states.
3.    Get the word out so women understand their options and stop the suffering and allow women to live vertical, alert and sexual into their 80’s! Women’s quality of life is at stake.

If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, feel free to leave your comments for me below. You can also email me at

We also invite you to share your “Hot Flash Havoc” stories below.

***Heidi is a Special Guest in our Sex For Life conversation!  Dr. Alan Altman – also from the documentary – is on the expert panel. Click here to join the discussion on sexual health and wellness. ***

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