The Hunger Fix: Food Is an Addiction

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Always dieting but never successful? Looking for help with your weight-loss program? Ground-breaking new science shows that food addiction is real, but fear not – there is a solution for you.

The Hunger Fix: The Three-Stage Detox and Recovery Plan for Overeating and Food Addiction, a revolutionary book by Dr. Pamela Peeke, explains how people turn to food in a similar way in which they may turn to alcohol, nicotine, or cigarettes for release.

Watch Dr. Peeke talk with genConnect about the latest research behind food addiction:

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Dr. Peeke has watched her clients struggle with addiction to food “just like an alcoholic having another drink,” she says. This led her to look closely at the science between food and addiction. As evidence mounted in favor of such a connection, Dr. Peeke knew she had to use that research to help people. 

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“Slowly but surely as we got more and more tools to study this, we became much more adept at putting the pieces together,” Dr. Peeke said. Through functional MRIs of your brain, she explained, one can see that “there are absolutely unique changes that happen in the brains of people who felt an addiction to certain food products, certain food stuffs, and those changes were absolutely identical to the changes that take places in the brains of people who are coke-heads, meth-heads, and basically anyone who is addicted.”

Watch Dr. Peeke explain how to identify your personal food addiction and the three-step process to overcome it:

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“Yes, food addiction is real and we have a solution,” Dr. Peeke says. “Every person out there … can identify your crack when it comes to food.”

That can include super sugary, starchy, salty combos that “hijack” your system and lead you to be out-of-control, or on a bender, she adds. “But whatever it is, YOU know what it is. It’s unique to you. So guess what? Life’s OK without that particular thing … Yes, you have to eat but now what you have to do is to be smart about which foods you need to eliminate – your crack – and which foods you can use to live a wonderful life, the rest of your life.”

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In The Hunger Fix, Dr. Peeke uses the latest neuroscience to show how dopamine rushes in the body can work exactly the same way with food as with drugs like cocaine, but that this same system can be easily rewired to reward us with a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

Order your copy of The Hunger Fix on or from other online retailers, a list of which can be found on Dr. Peeke’s Web site. End your addiction today!

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