Elisa Camahort Page: The Evolution of BlogHer

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Ten years ago, three complete strangers met together and decided to start a venture based on shared passion: blogging. Using their personal credit cards to book the venue,¬†Elisa Camahort Page and the other two co-founders of BlogHer booked a venue to put on a conference. The first ever BlogHer sold out within 4 months–300 women (and some men) latched onto the concept.

“After that first conference–when we had that trial by fire–we realized we were a great team and we loved working together, but we also realized there was a great community… and a lot of opportunity.”

WATCH as the co-founder of BlogHer shares the evolution of the conference we know today, from 10 years back…


“Being community driven and mission driven–even when you’re building a for-profit business. It’s great to bring it back and see how much we’ve grown. Seeing the community look back and seeing how much we’ve grown…”

There have been many great memories of BlogHer. In fact, every BlogHer conference has been a little bit different. Keeping things relevant is not always easy, but somehow the BlogHer team has found a way to do it. Elisa’s most memorable moment:¬†President Obama opening the conference in 2012.

Watch as Elisa shares her favorite moments from BlogHer over the years…


“…and it was a moment where I felt, whoa. This is the moment. This has meaning. For us, and for our community. For fresh voices and new voices: all the time.”

It’s amazing how the community at BlogHer has truly made this conference a part of their lives. The number of individuals who have found success in their projects thanks to BlogHer is growing every year.

If you haven’t attended a BlogHer conference, attend the next one by registering today! Visit the BlogHer website here.

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