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The One-Day Sale phenomenon seems to have started with and then moved on to fashion at sites like Gilt Group, Hautelook, and RueLaLa. Thankfully, it’s been spreading to other industries like travel (Vacationist and JetSetter) and wine!

One-Day Sales come in different shapes and sizes (sometimes they’re three-day, sometimes they’re 12-hour) but they’re all built around the idea of making you feel some urgency around your decision to purchase the product. With wine, the opportunity is usually an unbeatable price or a small-production wine – and these sites know how to make the wine look sexy and sell.

Membership-Required Sites

These sites are catering to the wine-buyer who wants to be “in-the-know” and get rewarded for becoming a member. Signing up is the surest way to keep up on the deals, and sometimes amazing wines are for sale.

I love Winery Insider’s selection. They find great wineries in premier wine-growing regions and offer solid discounts. Recently they offered one of my favorite wines, the Stolpman Hilltops Syrah, at less than my wine-club membership price. While it can be annoying to see the general consumer getting a better deal than the winery’s most loyal customers, the opportunity to buy more at an even better price makes up for it.

This site is run by isn’t known for their outstanding pricing, but they have an incredible selection and an easy-to-use website. WineShopper focuses on well-known wines with excellent pedigrees. You may not get a boutique wine, but you will be able to find reliable selections at deep discounts.

More Great One-Day Sale Sites:

WTSO (Wines Til Sold Out)

These guys are deal-making machines. They buy extremely limited quantities of special wines and leave them up on the site until they’ve sold through their allotment. The prices are generally unbeatable and the selection is well-curated.

Cinderella Wine

This is the one-day sale arm of the more famous Wine Library. Cinderella does great sales all the time but sometimes, they go over the top and have HUGE events that amount to discounts too deep to believe. They also have this great “secret email” program where they’ll send you notice of an item that’s on sale and you have to write back to say you’re interested to get the pricing. These deals are worth the extra effort.


The original wine one-day sale site (I believe) is certainly among the best. My biggest complaint about Wine.Woot is that the wines are usually available only as a 3-pack. I don’t typically want to buy 3 of something I’ve never had, but their active and helpful community buys frequently. They even include the stats of who is buying the wine on their site (and how quickly it’s selling out) to help you decide if you want to buy.


Great wine at killer prices – and they donate clean water with every purchase! Sometimes the prices are great, sometimes they’re okay. I’m a fan of their “Mystery Packs” because it’s fun and the wines are all good quality. Plus, they have a great website that’s just fun to visit.

Here are some of GrapeSmart tips for shopping these deals:

Before you fork over your credit card, do a quick check of your own! Most of these sites’ best-price claims are based on one to three data sources which do not represent every deal on the web and may not be 100 percent accurate (because the data sources might not be 100 percent accurate). Here are three great sources for you to check out when seeing if that price is really a steal: Google Shopping,, and There are of course others, these will be more than sufficient to let you know if this is a great deal or not.

Don’t forget to check shipping costs! Some of the one-day sites offer free shipping on two or four bottles and sometimes the prices are shipping inclusive. This matters when comparing prices with other wine stores! We often find killer deals at little wine shops in New Jersey and New York – except most of them don’t ship outside of their state. We suspect when the one-day sites quote prices, they’re looking at stores with broader shipping capabilities. You can often find a better deal if you look in your locale, so please do so! and are great for this.

If your wine is being compared to others in the neighborhood, check out the prices on those wines, too. You might really get a deal on pedigreed grapes from a little-known or stressed winery. Places like WineAccess make killer deals on wine from these unfortunate wineries all the time.

GrapeSmart recently launched a new campaign called Hot Wine Deals (@HotWineDeals on Twitter and we have a Facebook page, too). As part of this effort we’re combing through these one-day sales on a, yup, daily basis and passing on our best deals to you. Sign up to stay in the loop!

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