Tackling the Complexity of the Brain

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The brain is a marvelous thing. It’s a vastly complex organ and it’s so vital to everyday functions.

WATCH as Glenda Greenwald, President of the Aspen Brain Forum Foundation, talks to genConnect about the Aspen Brain Lab on July 26th, featuring Deepak Chopra, and the human experiment participants will witness at this event: 

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Greenwald is tackling one of the most complex muscles in the body. She simplifies her studies by focusing on the four most important aspect of the brain that people are interested in: Creative, healthy, impaired and future.


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Greenwald is working with Chopra on a human experiment that many other scientists, including herself, will be participating in. The experiment is called “Self-Directed Biological Transformation,” and it will study how the brain can be manipulated to delay Alzheimer’s disease and aging.

“Self-directed, biological transformation,” she says. “We think we’re gong to prove … that we can alter the expression of our genes,” Greenwald says. “You can’t change your genes but as they say, your genes are not your destiny.”

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