Generation Y Key to Saying ‘F Cancer’ (VIDEO)

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We need to engage the youth of America in the fight against cancer and to teach people to find it, before it beats them, says Yael Cohen, founder of The goal of Cohen’s Fuck Cancer movement is “teaching people how to look for cancer, instead of just find it,” Cohen said. “And more so, it’s activating Gen Y to engage with their parents to engage with their parents in easy detection.”

Watch Yael discuss how Generation Y is key to beating cancer once and for all below:

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Noting that 90 percent of all cancers are curable when caught in Stage 1, Cohen asked:  “Why the hell aren’t we teaching people how to look for them and find them when they’re the most curable? And more so, why  the hell aren’t we talking to kids? Nobody talks to my generation about cancer … so we’re left out to this whole conversation which is a huge mistake if you want to create a paradigm shift … you have to go to the youth.”

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About Yael Cohen: Yael Cohen is the Founder, President and CCF (Chief Cancer Fucker) of Fuck Cancer; a charity that she started in 2009 when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Astounded to learn that over 90% of [...]
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