SXSW 2012: 4 Startups That Stood Out (VIDEO)

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SXSW is the perfect place for new entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to make a splash. And there was no better place to start than SocialRadius’ Startup Debut which highlighted some of the coolest new ventures on the horizon. Watch SocialRadius Founder Michael Terpin on which startups were making waves below:

StartUp Debut is a top-tier media showcase boutique at the Consumer Electronics Show, Electronic Entertainment Expo, National Association of Broadcasters, CTIA-The Wireless Association and most recently SXSW. The event allows dozens of startups to premiere new applications, products and services.

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“We really saw a need in the marketplace — at events like this, if you’re Samsung or a giant company and can afford a blogger lounge for hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can go out and get a lot of attention. Otherwise you are standing on the corner handing out things,” Terpin told genConnect. “We wanted to be able to offer an opportunity for startups to have a professional media environment at a startup price.”

While there were hundreds of great startup companies and ideas floating around SXSW this year, a few were getting were getting a lot of buzz.

1. Liquipel: This revolutionary technology applies a nano-coating to electronics, making them waterproof inside and out. The company launched in January at CES and created  firestorm as the new invisible technology captured media attention everywhere.

2. WeVideo: WeVideo is redefining video editing with their online cloud-based collaborative tool. Upload your own media clip, edit and invite other people to create with you. Try the platform  for free and then adopt a payment plan based on the amount of video information storage you need.

3. Tracky: Get things done with anyone, anywhere. Las Vegas-based startup Tracky offers a platform that allows groups to access secure online chat, group task management and cloud-based documents.

4. Sparqlight: Sparqlight  is a cloud-based social workflow tool that is trying to eliminate the storm of email, meetings and phone calls that is often required to get anything done. Sparqlight announced its public beta at SxSWi and allows users to plan and execute workflows socially.

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