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Food Network “Iron Chef” Geoffrey Zakarian, an audience favorite on “Chopped” and visionary behind The Lambs Club and The National restaurants in New York City, is known almost as much for his tailored suits and iconic glasses as he is for delicious food. “Food goes through similar style trends and redefinitions as fashion,” he has said. “You need to know that landscape to understand how to achieve something timeless.

Zakarian, dubbed “the Godfather of stylish chefs” by The Village Voice, credits his father with influencing his personal style. Watch him discuss fashion and food with genConnect’s Sissy Biggers, who describes the chef’s style as “sartorial splendor”:

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Zakarian says his father, a nattily dressed music teacher, believed in looking his best at all times. “Things just sort of seep into the next generation,” he says.This man wore a suit and tie for breakfast. He didn’t own jeans. Anything that you put over your head he refused to wear.”

Those style rules rubbed off on his son.

“I just think there’s a sensibility to it, and it works and people seem to like it,” he says.

Food Network's "Chopped" judges (l-r) Marc Murphy, Geoffrey Zakarian and Aarón Sánchez.

Food Network’s “Chopped” judges (l-r) Marc Murphy, Geoffrey Zakarian and Aarón Sánchez.

That’s why Zakarian is in no hurry to put his name on a set of pots and pans. “I don’t need to get into that market,” he says. Eyeglasses, on the other hand, are intriguing as a branding opportunity.

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“Glasses are endless,” he says. “It’s like shoes for women.”

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