Stay Hydrated to Avoid Weight Gain, by Paula Simpson

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Adequate fluid intake is probably the last thing you would think about when trying to manage your weight.

Your body is close to 70 percent water and if you are even slightly dehydrated then your body will secrete a hormone (aldosterone) causing water and salt retention. So if you are trying to lose weight, stay hydrated!

Try to following tips to keep bloating to a minimum:

•    Eat raw foods more often! Fruits and vegetables are naturally composed of water and minerals such as potassium to naturally hydrate the body and help to reduce sodium retention

•    Limit your intake of diuretics such as coffee, alcohol and diet sodas. Try to replace these with herbal teas, lemon and hot water more often.

•    When doing aerobic exercise, aim to replenish your water intake ½ to 1 cup every 15 minutes.

•    On a daily basis, try to consume 8 glasses of water to offset daily fluid losses through breathing, activity and urine.

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