‘Spicy Wit’ Tackles Race, Stereotypes With Humor (VIDEO)

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Actress, musician and Brown University senior Amanda Cole is one of the stars and producers of “Spicy Wit,” a new mockumentary-style Web series launched in a dining hall at the Ivy League school that tackles issues of race and social justice. “We have found that it’s almost in a sense easier not to talk about it in an effort to stay politically correct, than to risk having us slip up and revealing a potential bias,” Cole says. “Our executive producer, Nick White, really perfectly put it that ‘it’s in those slip-ups that you find the comedy.’ So that is what ‘Spicy Wit’ is based off of.”

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Alex Nation (Lauren Neal), described as a mixed-race girl trying to fit in, endures a lecture on the benefits of yogurt from Clarissa (Amanda Cole) in a scene from “Spicy Wit.”

Cole plays Clarissa, described as a “Hot White Girl.” The character has created an independent study course, Poverty Studies, which requires she intern for the university’s dining services to gain insight and real-world exposure to work-study. Clarissa often makes cringe-worthy gaffes about race and socio-economics.

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The producers describe “Spicy Wit” as a cross between the “erraticism and non-sequiturs of ‘Family Guy,’ the mock-umentary style of ‘The Office,’ the attitude of ‘Awkward Black Girl,’ and the absurdity of the nightly news.”

“Satire has a lot of potential to be a really productive component of this conversation,” Cole says.

The conversation about race and stereotypes begins with each episode and continues online. “Once you get fired up, then on the Web site we want to have a component that’s an action component: What are the facts? What are the stats? How can I get involved? What are different ways I can get involved?” Cole says. “We also have a blog that we’re going to be blogging as our characters on certain examples of race-related issues in popular culture.”

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