‘It’s Really an Exciting Time for a Mom’ (VIDEO)

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TV lifestyle host and creator of A Big Life with Sissy Biggers Sissy Biggers has a big life not just with her television career, but with her two daughters, as well – both of whom are over the age of 21.

“It’s really an exciting time for a mom. The parenting changes as it does with every phase, and this is the phase I get to take a little bit of a breather and look at these young women and see really what they’re made of now and what their passions are.”

Watch Sissy Biggers talk more about parenting adult children below:

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“I think the proudest thing for me as a mom is that both my daughters have discovered something they love in their lives, which will take them down a professional path,” she said. “That’s always, as a parent, another sigh of relief.”

Has Biggers learned anything from her daughters?

“They’re no holds-barred when they react to me,” Biggers says. “Young women are a great sort of a check for you as a woman of a certain age … having grown up with me in the television business, they’ve developed certain chops, you know? So I find that I can sort of use them to sound out an idea and they’ll respond also as a 20-something demographic, so yes, I am learning from them all the time.”

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