Shifts in Perception: From Daytime Soaps to Reality TV by Candace Silvers

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Candace Silvers

As a community, the cancellation of “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” may affect the careers of a handful of actors, but in terms of where our world is and headed, it lines up perfectly. With things like the destruction in Japan and the financial market in the place it is, people’s lives are at stake. There is a shift in perception occurring and daytime soaps aren’t enough to distract us anymore. For some people in America, getting rid of these soaps is getting rid of their number one drug. Which will cause upset at first, but at the same time it will encourage a shift in the way we live and view the world. I told my actors 15 years ago that if they don’t start to “act” from high stakes obstacle, their jobs would be taken away from them. And it happened!

Reality TV came in full force. People aren’t interested in watching actors fake it anymore. We want to see people at risk! Because our own lives are so risky, to watch actors on a screen phoning it in isn’t cutting it anymore. That’s why my actors aren’t allowed to fake act.-ie. saying a line from a cute idea that has nothing to do with the writer’s intention. That is the first thing that is stripped from them when they enter my studio. People want to turn on the TV and see actors risking something. So for a genre like soap operas, yes, our community is out growing it.

You ask with reality TV, is the job market harder for actors? When reality TV first hit, I’m sure it affected many actors. But at the same time “All My Children” is going out, movies like “The Source Code” are coming in. The actors that are coming in now are starting to do what I’ve been teaching and telling my actors all along: If you (the actor) are thinking about your laundry list when in a scene, then we (the audience) are thinking about our laundry list. But when you, the actor, are invested in a high stakes risk situation, then you’ve got us on the edge of our seats. With every death, new life is born. We live in a continuous circle: creation, maintenance, and destruction.

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