Sarin Gas Used in Syria? Regional Challenges Post-Arab Spring (VIDEO)

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Syrian people support rebel forces and have posted pictures of Assad’s victims on Facebook.

The violence in Syria has escalated to the point that deadly nerve agents likely have been used in the country’s civil war that has been raging against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, according to news reports.

U.N. official Carla Del Ponte says there are strong suspicions that Syrian rebel forces have used sarin gas, a colorless, odorless liquid, used as a chemical weapon; it is considered a weapon of mass destruction. Del Ponte, the commissioner of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry for Syria, said it wouldn’t be too surprising, given the infiltration of foreign fighters into the Syrian opposition. The opposition says it hasn’t used any such weapons – nor does it desire to. The news comes one week after the United States said it had “varying degrees of confidence” that sarin had been used by Syria’s government on its people; but Del Ponte says there’s no evidence of the government’s use of such substances. Meanwhile, the Syrian government said that recent Israeli air strikes against military targets around Damascus amounted to a “declaration of war” and threatened retaliation.

Watch Roger Cressey, senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, talk about Booz Allen Hamilton’s efforts in the Middle East and challenges facing those countries post-Arab Spring:

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Booz Allen Hamilton, a strategy and consulting firm, has a presence in Middle Eastern countries such as Oman, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

“What we’re seeing are the governments there trying to adjust to the reality of the Arab Spring and how it’s impacted that part of the region,” Cressey said. “That’s the most stable area in the Middle East right now … and they’re looking at two things.”

One of which is how those governments can ensure their citizens are being taken care of as they see uprisings in countries such as Syria, Egypt and Tunisia. Booz Allen Hamilton wants to make sure there is enough investment, health care and education in these countries, which form an island of stability amidst a volatile region, to remain so.

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“They’re in a rough neighborhood,” Cressey said. “They have Iran on one side and all the instability on the other side and so they’re trying to carve out a role for them.”

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