Sarah Robb O’Hagan: ‘What You Put in Your Body Is Important’ (VIDEO)

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Watch genConnect interview Gatorade President, Sarah Robb O’Hagan, on paying attention to what you put into your body, conveying Gatorade’s brand message and what to eat post-workout. “What you put inside your body is actually more important than what you put on your body when it comes to achieving your goals athletically,” she said. “We think a lot about how we convey that message and get people to understand that what you put inside your body is super important both for a high-school athlete and for me working out in the gym.”



RANDI ZUCKER: Sarah, tell me really, how is nutrition really an important part of your life?

SARAH ROBB O’HAGAN: It’s an important part of my life, and as much as I know when I eat well, sleep well, work out well, I’m a much more balanced and more effective person. Both in my personal life and my professional life. So I do make the best effort that I can to eat as healthfully as I can, particularly when I’m at home. Because I travel a lot. When you’re at home, you can really get it right.

RANDI ZUCKER: You do travel a lot and you work a lot of hours and you also have three children. How do you squeeze in a quick work out, or get something to really fulfill you?

SARAH ROBB O’HAGAN: I think it’s about being disciplined. Disciplined about what your needs are as a woman, as a human being. And I know for me, every day, getting that hour to go for a run, or just be at the gym, is my time. That’s so important to making me the best mom I can be, the best business person I can be. So I just make sure it’s a disciplined part of my schedule.

RANDI ZUCKER: And as the president of Gatorade, you’re really responsible to communicate the Gatorade message to your consumers. So you seem to be the walking example for who your consumer is. What are some of the things that you really do think about when you’re trying to communicate the brand message?

SARAH ROBB O’HAGAN: What I think about is the same as what we think about, which is what you put inside your body is actually more important than what you put on your body, when it comes to achieving your goals athletically. And I think a lot of people, especially teenagers, and this is a good message for the mothers of teenagers, they tend to think, well I can buy the next great pair of sneakers, and that’ll do it. And they don’t realize that eating McDonald’s after a practice is not helping your athletic performance.

We think a lot about how we convey that message, and get people to understand that what you put inside your body is super important. Both for a high school athlete and for me, working out in the gym.

RANDI ZUCKER: What do you like to eat after you work out?

SARAH ROBB O’HAGAN: I usually have protein, because I now know that I have to have protein after I work out. So actually, G-Series Fit, we have a great new protein smoothie which is perfect, because it’s light. Like, I’m one of these people, if I’ve just had a hard workout, sometimes you just go, what could I possibly eat right now? But a light smoothie is just the right thing to get down. Refreshing.

RANDI ZUCKER: That is where I’m going to have right now.


RANDI ZUCKER: Thank you Sarah for your time. To watch more videos of Sarah, you can visit Watch Part 1 of our interview with Sarah Robb O’ Hagan on why moms are nutrition coaches for their kids.

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