Sam Kass Talks About Let’s Move! and First Lady Michelle Obama

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Executive Director of Let’s Move! Sam Kass works side by side with Fist Lady Michelle Obama to tackle childhood obesity. The outcome of poor diet and exercise is devastating but can be prevented. Kids need to learn at a young age how to stay fit and eat well. Let’s Move! is just one of the many organizations that catalyzes and embeds these important health concepts into young minds. WATCH as Sam Kass, who is also the Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition, talks about cooking for the First Family, what the commander-in-chief’s favorite food is, as well as working with First Lady Michelle Obama on ‘Let’s Move’:

As the White House’s personal chef, Sam Kass has the honor of cooking for President Barack Obama and his family. Kass shares with us that the President enjoys eating healthy and keeping his meals balanced and simple – “nothing fancy,” he says – yet he won’t divulge the exact favorite dishes of the commander-in-chief.

So what are his words of advice for people trying to eat healthy but finding it difficult to steer clear of temptation?16caucus.michelle.190

“If you go home and you surround yourself with unhealthy foods, you’re going to eat unhealthy foods,” Kass says. He suggests that when you’re at the grocery store to pick up healthier snacks such as nuts and fruits, rather than junk foods. Kass also says that drinking a lot of water and cutting out sugary drinks can help keep you healthy. The key to getting in shape and being healthy is breaking bad habits, he emphasizes. Making an effort to work out and eat a balanced diet will make a difference – both physically and mentally.

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About Sam Kass: Sam Kass is the Executive Director of Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy. In this capacity, Sam leads the First Lady’s work to help America raise a healthier generation of kids and [...]
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