Safer Internet Day: Discover the Digital World Safely

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Safer Internet Day is today; the goal is to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world.

Organized by Insafe, a European network of awareness centers which promotes safe use of digital technologies, this year’s global Safer Internet Day (SID) theme is Connecting generations and educating each other, with the slogan: “Discover the digital world together… safely!”

This topic looks at the reach of the online world across all generations and cultures and encourages families to work together to stay safe online. With people across generations connected both off- and online these days, the proliferation of social media platforms, distance learning becoming more prevalent, and cyber security more important than ever, it is particularly important for the younger generation to become aware of the risks and dangers online.

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Events are going on around the world today to promote safer Internet and digital technology use. i-SAFE, which coordinates activities in the United States, today will introduce the Internet safety duo “Dot and i” to help explain this complex online world through learning activities for kids aged pre-kindergarten up to age 7. “Dot and i” are engaging cartoon characters who guide children through learning their “A-B-Cs” of safety and citizenship in an engaging activity book. An animated version of the “Dot and i” characters are also seen in music videos that encourage kids to sing along to e-Safety songs. Other programs are geared for older kids.

Check out the expert articles and videos on on Internet safety and related topics, and have your children take part in a Safer Internet Day activity near you!

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