Saadia Zahidi on The World Economic Forum’s Mission (VIDEO)

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Watch ‘2.5 Minutes With genConnect’ with Saadia Zahidi, Head of Constituents at the World Economic Forum, on solving global challenges and the future of equality

Saadia Zahidi is the Director and Head of Constituents at the World Economic Forum. Saadia’s program creates international benchmarks for issues of equality between men and women so each country can see where they stand, and they can see the progress they have made in closing the gender gap. In our interview with Saadia, she stressed the importance of bringing academics, the media, and others together to work on this global challenge.

“It makes a lot of sense,” she said.

Saadia highlighted Kavita Ramdas, Former President and Chief Executive Officer of The Global Fund for Women, a “venture capitalist” group working to empower women at the grassroots level, as one such person making a difference in this area. Watch our interview with Kavita here.

“I’m actually very hopeful,” Saadia said. “Yes, we do have a long way to go [on gender equality],” but it’s important to continue that making progress in the name of human rights, efficiency, competitiveness, and making the most out of our talent pool, she continued.

Watch our interview with Saadia below. Watch another installment of our interview, in which Saadia talks more about the global gender gap, here.

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About Saadia Zahidi: Saadia Zahidi is Head of Constituents at the World Economic Forum, responsible for the engagement of Religious Leaders, NGOs, Labour Leaders, Women Leaders and Gender Parity Groups into the Forum’s mission for improving the state [...]
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