Richard Haass: American Foreign Policy Is Suffering

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American foreign policy is in deep need of a some TLC.

WATCH as Richard Haass, the  president of the Council on Foreign Relations who previously served as a close advisor to former Secretary of State Colin Powell as Director of Policy Planning for the State Department, talks about where the United States needs to smooth out the bumps in its foreign policy – and the biggest thing it has going for it, at the Aspen Ideas Festival: 

“If American foreign policy were a share of stock being sold on the New York Stock Exchange, it would have suffered a serious correction,” says Haass.

He explains that American foreign policy is suffering due to our growing international unreliability.

“There’s turbulence in the Middle East, which to some extent we’ve caused,” Haas continues. “We haven’t made good on our pledge to pivot to Asia. In general, there’s growing questions around the world about American reliability.”

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Despite a lot of the negative marks when it comes to American foreign policy, Haass does shed light on some of the great things the United States has going on in this arena.

“One really positive area is energy,” he says.

For example, the United States used to import the majority of its oil from other countries, whereas now it has become very self-sufficient. In addition, America is also finding more environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of energy, which could lead to an abundance of domestic energy sources.

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“It’s good for our foreign policy; not only do we have to import less, which is good for the budget, but also makes us less vulnerable to supply and price shocks overseas,” Haass said.

As far as fixing our foreign policy problems, Haas provides a possible solution: “We’ve got to do better as an economy and as a society. We’re only as strong abroad as we are at home.”

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