What Does It Take to Become A Genius?

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Parents are all convinced that their child is, in fact, truly a genius. Maybe that is true, although according to neuropsychologist Rex Jung, Ph.D., an actual genius is quite rare to come by.

WATCH as brain imaging researcher and assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of New Mexico, Rex Jung, talks with genConnect at the Aspen Ideas Festival about geniuses:

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Becoming a genius is no simple task, Jung explains. Only one in a million people are geniuses, which would mean that in the world’s population of billions of people, there are only a couple thousands of geniuses.

“I think we all experience ‘near-genius,’ which is that ‘aha!’ moment where things just kind of fall together,” says Jung.

5132065_origTo be a genius, or a highly skilled individual, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be amazing at everything. The best way to become great at something is to address it at an early age and identify it as an emerging talent, Jung adds.

“Cultivate those different things; particularly creativity, which seems to be underappreciated, to try and identify talents that may be inherent,” he says.

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