Rima Qureshi: What Does The World Look Like in 2020?

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New technology enters the market every day. Each new technological addition changes the world, making the world a more simple and connected place. It’s hard to imagine how anyone survived without a cell phone and even in the few years cell phones have been on the market they have evolved so much. The future holds so much in store for our world, and one can only imagine what it will look like just five years from now.

Rima Qureshi from Ericsson sits down with genConnect to discuss how technology and the age of networking will evolve by the year 2020.

privacyThe year 2020 is only five years away, but so much can happen between now and the inevitable future that can change the way our whole world runs. “Currently the projection is there will be 9.1 billion connections by 2020…we will have more connections than number of people on the planet,” says Rima Qurechi, a chief strategy officer at Ericsson. Technology is becoming more and more integrated into people’s everyday lives that it is virtually impossible to not keep up with what is coming next.

“It could be the end of industries as we know it.” Qureshi predicts that the business world will have to adapt with the quick evolution of technology. She states that in 2020 everyone around the world will have a phone. Many people will have multiple phones for the different facets of their life – social, business, school, family, etc. With new and useful inventions every day, such as the cloud and broadband, the industry will conform to the newest technologies to make doing business easier for both clients and employees.


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About Rima Qureshi: As chief strategy officer at Ericsson, Rima Qureshi is based in Canada and Sweden. She is responsible for the company’s overall strategy, including M&A strategy and activities, and serves as chairman of Ericsson’s Business Unit [...]
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