Is Your Date ‘Dinner Worthy’?

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Sure, anyone can take you out to dinner at a restaurant, but that coveted home prepared dinner invitation, now that’s something to strive for.

What makes a person “Dinner Worthy?” What qualities and attributes make a person worthy of you going to the store, schlepping all the groceries home and preparing a specially tailored meal specific to his/her taste?

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In my pursuit of love, I have compiled a list of my notable “Dinner Worthy” qualities I find desirable in a date. While you may have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding that perfect dinner companion, I find that having a master list handy is a tremendous asset when on the hunt. That list can help you determine what top qualities and attributes are most important to you, and which ones can you live without.

Compare yours to mine and see how your dates measure up. Granted, my list is kind of the Holy Grail and you may not get all of them in one person, but with this handy list already in your arsenal, creating your own list will be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Here are 10 things to consider when determining if your date is “Dinner Worthy”…

  1. Kindness: This can come in the form of kindness to strangers, the elderly, and his parents. For me, this is a quality that shows he will be kind to you.
  2. Sense of Humor: This can be a sharp wit, silly campy humor, the ability to laugh at himself or tell a joke on himself, and to find humor in life and share that with you.
  3. Integrity: That’s about being able to tell what’s right and wrong, and has a lot to do with the respect shown to others and the core values he upholds and lives by and not so much about being law-abiding (although, that’s pretty important, too).
  4. Romantic: Romance can mean different things to different people. For me, romance comes in small gestures, such as he remembering the particular flower I like (Gerber daisies by the way), and bringing a few home for me, or my favorite dark chocolates from Jacques Torres on the Upper West Side. Although, if he bought me a first-class ticket to Paris and told me he had already packed my bags with all my favorite shoes, clothes, and makeup, I wouldn’t be too disappointed.
  5. Ability to plan a date: Can he pick a place, make a reservation, and tell you what time to meet? A man with a plan, you’ve got to love that!
  6. Self-Confidence: There is nothing sexier than self-confidence. That easy swagger that comes from inner strength (not ego and self-centeredness). It’s that ability to show you his human side and be vulnerable – that’s self-confidence!
  7. Great Kisser: This can really be a deal-breaker for me. If you don’t know how to kiss a woman, go find out! No thrusting or jamming of your tongue down someone’s throat. I already know what you had for dinner – I’m looking for some dessert. You know, those kisses that make you a little weak at the knees? Yeah, those … Is it getting hot in here?
  8. Punctuality: In this age of cell phones, there is no excuse for waiting in fear of being stood up. If you’re going to be late,      text, call, telegram, pony express … you get my point.
  9. Athletic: Ok, who doesn’t like a man or a woman who’s active and takes care of themselves? A well-toned body only tells me he/she respects and cares about himself, that’s sexy!
  10. Adventurous: This can come in the desire to travel to uncharted destinations or the willingness to try Uni for the first time. The willingness to explore and try new things shows me a spirit that is still evolving and growing, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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