Rachel Greenwald: How to Score More Fix-ups From Your Friends (VIDEO)

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How do you get your friends to fix you up on more dates? Watch this clip of Rachel Greenwald, dating coach, matchmaker and author of Have Him At Hello:

Get your questions ready for Rachel Greenwald. On Thursday, February 10th, 9:30 PM EST, 6:30 PM PST, Rachel is on the website live to discuss life’s most fun and often puzzling pastime: dating.

“The Secret to Scoring Fix-ups From Friends” is a great opportunity for singles looking to find tips on asking their friends to fix them up. Click here for details.

Video Transcript:

Have you asked your friends for fix-ups, so you actually get fixed up? The trick to score more fix-ups is actually in asking them in a different way. Your friends aren’t walking around with names of single men on the tips of their tongues. So, you have to ask in a different way. First of all, fix-ups don’t always have to be one-on-one introductions. They may also include just having your married friend bring you to a charity event that she might be organizing for something she’s working on. So instead of saying to her, can you fix me up? Why don’t you say to her, next time you’re going to an event, would you mind if I tagged along with you and your husband.

Your future husband may be two or three degrees of separation from you. So you may go to this event, and meet someone who might be married, or might be a female at the event, but that person might know somebody. In this society, we have instant gratification problems, and we want the fix-up to be immediate, but sometimes it may take a little more of a winding path, and that’s okay.

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