7 Best Spiritual Books of All Time (SLIDESHOW)

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Brian Johnson

Philosopher Brian Johnson picks the most effective self-improvement guides for you …

Just for a second, imagine what your life would be like if you absorbed the greatest and most powerful teachings from the best teachers in the world from the beginning of time. What would your life be like? You’d be a better person, a better parent, lover, entrepreneur, a happier being, a peaceful warrior. You’d be a force for change in your life and for the world. With PhilosophersNotes by your side, you can achieve just that.

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These collections of mini-CliffsNotes, created by philosopher Brian Johnson, distill the most important ideas from ancient and modern philosophical gurus on success principles, personal growth, wellness, health and more that will inspire and empower you to live your deepest truths. Click through Brian’s recommendations below for a sampling the most effective self-improvement guides ever:

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Click here for more of Brian Johnson’s recommendations and to learn more about PhilosopherNotes

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    About Brian Johnson: As the Chief Philosopher of PhilosophersNotes, Brian is responsible for studying, embodying and sharing the universal truths he’s so passionate about. He’s also the Chief Evangelist and responsible for inspiring the world to get their [...]
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