Patti Austin: Women in Mentoring (VIDEO)

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Patti Austin shares exclusively on genConnect TV why women oftentimes do not think of themselves as mentors — despite an incredible wealth of knowledge they can offer people. Plus, Austin shares with us when she realized that she could be a mentor to others. Watch below this inspiring clip of the Grammy Award-winning R&B artist and singer:


“I think a lot of times women don’t think of themselves as mentors because you usually equate mentorship with age. That’s something most women don’t want to think they’re going to be old enough to do for anybody, ever. But, finally, upon hitting my 50s, I figured well maybe I should share some of this information, and particularly share with anyone who’s trying to be in the entertainment business. It’s very difficult to get in. There are very few ways that you can get in the business anymore, and even if you do get in there are bigger questions than ever before about how you stay in. There’s no way to learn how to be in this business anymore. The great thing, again, in my life was that I had magnificent people teaching me, constantly. Where to stand. What to do. How to do what it is that I do now. My manager said look you’ve got this experience, you have to use it.”

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About Patti Austin: Patti Austin (born August 10, 1950, in Harlem, New York) is an American Grammy-winning R&B and jazz music singer. She made her debut at the Apollo Theater at age four and had a contract with [...]
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