Patti Austin: What Mentors Did for Her (VIDEO)

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Patti Austin, the Grammy Award-winning R&B artist and singer, spoke exclusively on genConnect TV about the impact of mentors in her life. From strengthening her purpose and resolve to comforting her before an overwhelmingly intimidating situation, watch Austin on genConnect on how a great mentor can “save you a lot of pain”:

It’s been a tremendous experience. They strengthened my purpose and my resolve. They made me feel comfortable in situations that I otherwise would have been very uncomfortable in because I wouldn’t have had any knowledge when I walked in the door. There’s nothing worse than going somewhere and not having a clue about what to do, how to do it, who to do it with, who to do it to, and who are the good guys, who are the bad guys. It makes the journey longer.

I think one of the things that mentoring does, if you have a great mentor they can save you a lot of pain, especially if you use two ears instead of the one mouth. Then you get to hear twice as much as you say. If you can be that kind of a person, it makes life a lot easier. I’d much rather you tell me, hey kid don’t jump off that cliff because you’re going to wreck your life, than me fall off the cliff and wreck my life.

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About Patti Austin: Patti Austin (born August 10, 1950, in Harlem, New York) is an American Grammy-winning R&B and jazz music singer. She made her debut at the Apollo Theater at age four and had a contract with [...]
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