Online Dating Safety Rules With Julie Spira (VIDEO)

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Over 40 million Americans have visited online dating sites. That’s approximately half of the country’s single population. And while there are many successful love stories. There are also horror stories. Cyber Dating Expert Julie Spira with online safety rules to live by. They included:

• Never Give Out Your Last Name – Keep as much of your personal information private, until you really get to know someone.
• Never Give Out Your Address – Don’t give out your personal address until you really get to know the person. This also applies to your business address. Don’t let them know where you work.
• Never Talk About Money – Do not share your salary or if your come from a family of money. Let the person fall in love with you first, not your bank account.
• Always Meet in a Public Place – I think it’s really important to meet in a public place, where there are other people around. You really don’t know who you’re meeting yet.
• Use the “Buddy System” – Tell a friend where you’ll be and who you’re planning on having a date with. Check in with your friend. Take a restroom break and text your friend that you’re okay.
• If You’re Uncomfortable, Get Up and Leave – You’ve had this terrific online and phone chemistry, and then you meet them in person and you feel a little uncomfortable. Feel free to excuse yourself from the date, and just say you have somewhere else to go.

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