Olympian: Elite Athletes Can Teach Us All About Reaching Goals

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With the Russian resort town of Sochi, Russia, under heavy security at the launch of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the world’s eyes are on Russia to make sure it pulls off a safe games; American Olympic medalist Tim Morehouse talks about facing challenges to succeed in the Games – and in life

For the 2014 Winter Olympics hopefuls, the Road to Sochi represents years of goal-setting and training to meet those goals. This year, the elite athletes have to contend with security challenges brought on by bombings in Volgograd, about 400 miles northeast of Sochi, and controversy surrounding Russia’s new anti-gay law, among other challenges.

“The bigger your goal, the bigger the challenges you’re going to face,” says Tim Morehouse, who won a silver medal in fencing during the 2008 Summer Olympics. “You just have to be willing to stick it through. There’s going to be ups and there’s going to be downs.”

Watch Olympian Tim Morehouse discuss what elite athletes can teach us all about overcoming challenges to realize our dreams and ambitions:

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Morehouse says he faced a number of obstacles on his way to fulfilling his Olympic dreams.

“I was not a prodigy in my sport,” he says. “I wasn’t even the best fencer on my high school team. I was brave enough to set this goal to try to make the Games and then to go for it, and to stick around when there were challenges.”

US Olympic Team trialsThe Olympian says the key to reaching any goal is not giving up.

“I think often people will set a goal and then face a few challenges and then stop,” he says. “A big part of it is the willingness to set a big goal; to go for it; and then to realize that challenges are part of the process, and there are things that you’ll have to work through.”

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