NPR’s Michele Norris: Race Card Project

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When we think of Martin Luther King Jr. the idea of race and identity are often the first things that come to most people’s mind.

NPR’s Michele Norris talks about how she is trying to learn more about race and identity through her ‘Race Card Project’ with genConnect at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

michele-norris-076Michele Norris, the host of ‘All things Considered’ ¬†on NPR, talks about the ‘Race Card Project,’ where she asks people to describe what race and identity means to them in just 6 words. “That 6 words is often the beginning of a much larger conversation.”

Norris says that in her spare time she has been going through her over 10,000 submissions to have much deeper interviews with some of the participants of her project in order to put more meaning behind the 6 words that were initially started with.

For more on this amazing project click here.

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