Netiquette: A New Set of Digital Manners (VIDEO)

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We’ve all heard of etiquette, but what about netiquette? Julie Spira, author of The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web, explains exactly what this buzzword means and offers Internet safety tips for all:


The way we behave online is constantly being scrutinized by the billions of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ users and countless more. Figuring out what to say and when to say it can be tricky but with these tips from netiquette expert Julie Spira, you’ll be fully equipped to maintain your social media reputation, both online and offline.

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“The World Wide Web has really become the Wild Wild West,” Spira told genConnect. “It’s important to know that you need rules of netiquette to protect and maintain your digital reputation.”

Email Netiquette: “Think before you push the send button. Never write an email when you’re angry or you’re upset or late at night when you’re tired,” Spira advised. “You may send it to the wrong person or you may regret it in the morning. Send it to yourself if you’re upset and read it the next day and you may tone it down because you can’t take it back and it can be forwarded to just about anybody.

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Facebook Netiquette: Steer clear of what Spira calls the ‘drive-by tagging syndrome’. “Don’t tag somebody in a photo where they are unflattering or in a photo or video where they don’t appear,” Spira said.

Want more netiquette advice? Stay tuned for the release of Spira’s guide The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Manners on the Web this Spring 2012.

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