National Pet Owner’s Day: Focus on Good Pet Health

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April 18 is National Pet Owner’s Day  – a time many owners are focusing on their pets’ health.

Dr. Martin Goldstein (Dr. Marty), considered to be America’s foremost holistic veterinarian and host of the radio show, “Ask Martha’s Vet,” on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius Satellite channel 112, says National Pet Owner’s Day is a perfect time to focus on what we can do to keep our pets in the best of health, including watching what they eat.

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“When it comes to this, education and a proper dose of common sense is what’s needed. Getting down to basics, our companion dogs and, especially cats, are carnivores,” Dr. Marty says.

Dr. Marty Goldstein

“This means that Nature intended them to eat a predominantly meat diet and, that meat, to be raw. Although domestication has veered them somewhat away from this instinct, they still have these predispositions in their genes as a species. So when deciding what to feed them, look for foods either commercially available or what you can put together in your own kitchen that more simulates what common sense tells you they ‘should’ be eating.

“Whole meats, some lightly cooked vegetables and, although not necessary, a small amount of cooked potato or whole grain added in makes for a great diet. You can find these ingredients by reading labels on dry foods or, better still, pet foods that come in cans. And, of course, your kitchen would be an even better source. To top it off, supplementing these meals with a good quality fish oil, a digestive enzyme supplement with probiotics and, in older pets, an antioxidant product formulated for pets is that added step needed to enhance the odds for a healthy and happy life for them, making you happy, too.”

Watch Dr. Marty explain how holistic medical procedures can help keep pets healthy, too:

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So if you’re a pet owner, take a minute to give your beloved pet an extra hug, an extra-long walk on a beautiful day, and make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your pet in the best of health!

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