Andra Liemandt Talks About Finding her Dream as a Musician

[ 0 ] March 25, 2015 |

Andra Liemandt talks about fulfilling her dream to be a drummer later in life and balancing her new career with being a mom. She talks about everyday struggles and how completing her own goals helps her be a better parent.

Leimandt discusses The Mirror Project, her latest venture to teach women about self-esteem and to stop blaming themselves for not being perfect.

Liemandt goes on to tell genConnect about how she found her band and the long journey she took to find her true calling.

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About Andra Liemandt: Considered by her bandmates to be “the driving force of The Mrs.,” Andra’s passion, strength and energy are what has turned The Mrs. from a personal project into a mission. Andra is determined to bring [...]
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